Q: Does BioDoks also offer ghost writing services for the preparation of theses?

A: BioDoks offers editing and proofreading services for your theses that you wrote, but does not offer the complete preparation of your thesis.

Q: Does BioDoks cover all areas of life science research?

A: Each request will be thoroughly checked for feasibility. Only, when this check was positive, the job will be accepted.

Q: Do I have to add BioDoks as co-author when you supported the preparation of my manuscript?

A: BioDoks does not have to be included as a co-author if it is not desired. However, a co-authorship or mention in the acknowledgements may reduce the cost of the project.

Q: Does BioDoks work with ChatGPT or other AI programs?

A: NO! At BioDoks, all texts are prepared by a human being, from the beginning to the end.